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I don't give a flying monkey's for tag voting, automatic changebots, endless discussions, categories, or any of that crap, but prefer to get on and actually do stuff.
osm traces Karte
Land Germany
Bundesland Hamburg
Regierungsbezirk Hamburg
Stadt Hamburg
GPS-Gerät: Transystem i-Blue 747a+.
OSM-Editor: JOSM.
OSM Logo This user submits data to OpenStreetMap under the name
Flag of Germany.svg This user hails from Germany
de Dieser Benutzer spricht Deutsch als Muttersprache.
en-3 This user is able to contribute with an advanced level of English.
es-1 Este usuario puede contribuir con un nivel básico de español.
Potlatch Josias submits data to OpenStreetMap using Potlatch.
JOSM Josias submits data to OpenStreetMap using JOSM.
Tux.svg Josias uses a Linux-based computer.
Firefox Josias prefers Mozilla Firefox.
Go Do Some Mapping Josias
prefers to go outside and map.

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Subversion Logo Josias commits code to OpenStreetMap SVN under the name josias.

I'm mapping in Hochkamp, Germany

I had written the Osmolt, a Java Program to parse OSM-XML to OpenLayers.Layer.Text

ich bin vor allem in Hochkamp aktiv und bin grad dabei einen Entwurf für die Kontaktaufnahme mit der Stadt Wedel zu schreiben: User:Josias/vorlage_offizielle_Kontaktaufname


ich erstelle öfters mal neue Pictogramme:

Fussball.png Schwimmen.png Tennis.png Handball.png Hockey.png Waterski.png Multi.png

Preschool.png Playground.png Ice.png Kiosk.png Toys.png Shoes.png Dolmen.png Acheological.png


Web-Tools zum editieren bestimmter Tags

Pläne / Wünsche

Plugin korrigiert den Versatz des yahoo-wms

Man müsste mal bei josm ein Plugin entwickeln, das automatisch den Versatz des yahoo-wms korrigiert. Da der Versatz aber nicht überall gleich ist, würde ich das so machen, dass das Plugin aus einer Datenbank den Versatz lädt wenn er nicht stimmt kann man ihn selbst korrigieren. Der korrigierte Versatz wird in die Datenbank gespeichert.

erweiterte API

die erweiterte API, die sich erweitern läss: so I think of a modular system so you can exchange critical components. e.g.: - Input-/Requestparser - so you can use multiple Request-schema - DB-Optimizer - you can add additional optimizing rules or algorithm - output: osmXML, vertices, openlayers.text, (maybe, if there would be more server power) a rendered overlay, etc

that is my vision of a future xapi

3D-Building Editor

OSM contains many Building-outlines. But in 3D the buildings look like what they are: drawed-out outlines. I would like to build a easy 3D-Editor for Buildings and an Open3DBuilding-Database.

Why an external Database?

  • OSM has an 2+1 Dimensions. That means you can specify a point/way/polygon on the Earth in 2D and maybe the height. but you can't (yet) specify the height of every single point.
  • non of the current Editors can handle those objects.
  • some Bot would destroy those 3D objects because they recognize a Wall as 2 points on the same (2D-)Position -> doubled points


  • zoom in a OSM-map. At zoom-level 17 or 18 you can click on an building (or a free space).
  • now the editor opens showing the chosen building with its surrounding buildings.