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Data source 警察局及所屬分駐所派出所資料

The difficulty:

  • Data problem
    • Some police amenities are at the same coordinate. How to map?
      • ex1. 有些分局跟派出所的座標相同
      • ex2. 那瑪夏分駐所,民權派出所,民治派出所 同一地點
    • I found some data are incorrect. Reported to
    • No primary key, the name is not unique :(
  • Conflict with existing data
  • Technical problem
    • osmsync doesn't support conflation with area

My temporary solution:

  • Only import data without above problems
    • Don't import if new node is within existing node 50m.
    • Don't import if two new nodes are in 50m to each other.

The import changeset