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Finished Projects

Added the riverbanks of the Rhein-Herne-Kanal, Dortmund-Ems-Kanal and the Wesel-Datteln-Kanal
Added the "Trabrennbahn Recklinghausen"
The Forest Brandheide in Recklinghausen Suderwich
The Railway and Bus Station of Recklinghausen with Buildings
The Recklinghausen Townhall
All Streets in Recklinghausen Suderwich

Projects im currently working on

Adding all Fields and places with wood in Recklinghausen, because its just look damn good on the map (:

About me

  • Name
Christopher Dyrlich
  • Age
  • City
  • OS
Gentoo Linux
  • Internet Connection
6 Mbit/s
  • GPS Logger
A Transsystem i-Blue 747, for traveling without a Car, and mainly for geotaggig Pictures
TomTom One v3 with Event Logger, only for Car Traveling
  • Reason i started working on OSM
Because it sucks hard if you City has just 1 Street!