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Mapping in the Netherlands, primarily in Delft and surroundings. I'm concentrating on the part between the railway and the A13, however I ride around a lot and tend to map roads in the area as I find them.

GPS traces are made using a Adept AD-500 bluetooth GPS receiver logging to a Nokia E60 mobile phone. The script doing it is home-made in PyS60 (python for the Nokia S60 series).

Current projects

Land/sea tiles, see Tiles@home/Dev/Coastline for details. What is currently rendered appears at http://kleptog/seatiles/

Mapping party in Amsterdam.

Email address: kleptog (at) svana (dot) org


A very, very simple logger for bluetooth GPS devices that output NMEA. It displays minimal information so you know you're running. It shows you lat/lon, current speed, and trip distance. Yes, that's all. Only works on phones supported by PyS60, which means recent Nokia.


Thoughts on relationships

Recently Frederick Ramm released a prototype of "relationships" ( A nice idea, but I think there could be one more thing: give them a lat/lon like nodes. Here are 5 reasons to give 'relationships' a location:

  1. You can do away with the 'entites' dialog, they just appear on the map as, say, green triangles. When you select them you can use the properties/memberships dialog just like now. This is attractive to me because there's already too many damn dialogs on the right hand side.
  2. Currently there's some discussion about how to show what the members are of an entity. Giving them a lat/lon solves this problem: simply draw arrows from the entity object to its members. Especially useful if you have many streets of similar/same name.
  3. Looking at the map in JOSM you could more easily see which intersections have turn restrictions on them, by the placement of the "relationships" near them.
  4. If you are clearing an area, selecting the area and hitting delete will automatically delete the entities in the area also.
  5. Since we may want to use entites to represent towns/cities/countries with is_in relationships, it gives the renderer a good hint where to render the actual name.

I won't go so far as suggesting to do away with the new type and simply make relationships nodes with member tags, though the thought did cross my mind. I was thinking in particular of house numbers, where the node is the location of the house number and simultaneously references the street it is attached to.

Regex search in JOSM

FYI (as you maintain JOSM/Search function) I implemented regex search in JOSM, you might want to update your documentation page. --Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason 10:36, 9 January 2009 (UTC)