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I'm, a code monkey from Sweden that enjoy experimenting with GIS data.


  • Bjärehalvön, Sweden - my very first edits. Please excuse them. :-)
  • Halmstad, Sweden - landuse, neighbourhoods and buildings between city center and Tylösand.
  • Fjällbacka, Sweden - archipelago coastlines in detail and buildings, mainly from ekonomiska kartan.
  • Oslo, Norway - mainly street numbers between Bislet and Marienlyst.
  • Ven, Sweden - my current (--Kodapan (talk) 18:31, 17 November 2013 (UTC)) OCD, attempting detailed mapping of this small island in Öresund between Sweden and Denmark.

Source code

  • osm-common is a Java and Android API that keeps track of and search GIS-data in memory, process OSM/OSC-XML and communicate with services such as Overpass and Nominatim.
  • osm-sweden is a Java project with various utilities for processing Swedish data sources, robots, etc



Deprecated installation instructions and code

These pages are kept for historic reasons only.

User:Kodapan/Howto mod tile howto setup server hosting slippy map of OSM data using mod_tile

User:Kodapan/Mapnik map XML editor work in progress