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Hiǃ This is me, trying to improve the OSM database.


Usually I walk or ride a bike. Or drive by car and take a bike with me and then bike or walk.
I take pictures of the things I'm interested in. Back home on my Windows computer I have JOSM. Working with two monitors, the pictures on the left and JOSM on the right I update OSM. Thankfully in Nederland we have very accurate aerial pictures and height maps so my mapping (I guess) is very accurate.


1. I like maps so I want to make the most of OSM
2. Use OSM as a database for science - for example find out how many wind turbines are in an area with
3. Map and complete streams in my area as relations
4. Use the OSM software to create a historical map of my hometown Venlo and it's surroundings at around 1930; that map will reside on my server

See yaǃ

See ya ;-)