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Public domain
All my contributions to OpenStreetMap are released into the public domain. This applies worldwide.
In case this is not legally possible, I grant anyone the right to use my contributions for any purpose, without any conditions, unless such conditions are required by law.

I live in Miðbær, and just have a general interest in mapping. I actually have no real use for the OSM data, but it's addictive, and lets other people get some use out of my GPS tracks. I normally just upload gpx tracks of my journey's around the country, but I've also recently started tracking the GPS around town, and letting it record local streets as well.

I use a Garmin Geko 201 sitting on the dash of the car.

I have a habit of driving down allll sorts of side roads, just to see what's there, not just the main road :)

Although I do a lot of walking, I almost never even bother recording gps tracks of my walking. Far too much of it is simply untracked, so a gps tracklog would be just, "where I went" and would require far too much editing and notetaking to be useful later on. I'll focus on getting all the roads hooked up first ;)

my todo

  • Tag my traces from the westfjords as per memory and vegaskra, you completely forgot about them!