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Wikidata tag is a kind of Persistent Place Identifier, associating the “specific place concept” (defined in Wikidata) with the correspondent “map of the place”… So must be associated to a geometry that reflects the same concept: a railway is not a point, a street is not only a line-fragment of the whole street.

Seems a commom quality problem of part/whole confusion in the Wikidata attribution or OSM’s POI reference… And where there are a need for enveloping parts into a whole.

But somebody (or some software) must to edit “enveloping parts” into a relation. So:

  1. Can I edit and do it?
  1. Can I delete the wrong Wikidata-tags (many parts) to preserve only the wikidata tag of the envelop element?


1. Is it the envelope?

Example 1.1: Sieg Railway seems a good envelope relation because it is the whole… but it need a Wikidata ID. There are 33 geometry members of this whole with the Wikidata Q315548, but all 33 are parts.

Example 1.2: Eifel Railway (Q896564) simlar case, with 56 parts with same Wikidata-ID. Relation/1717088 with no Wikidata will be a good envelope for the concept Q896564.

2. Can I build an envelope?

Exempl 2.1: Anhalt Railway (Q319837) seems to have no whole, but have 197 parts with the Q319837 tag, like this fragment… So is interesting to create a relation to envelope all 197 parts.

Exempl 2.2: Rottnebyskogen nature reserve in Dalarna, Sweden (Q30158648) have a good way (43190037) representing it… But, in nowadays we can’t use way-ID at Wikidata, only relation-ID… to solve the problem some people do a workaround enveloping it… Is a hack, not a real solution.

3. Can I delete?

Example 3.1: Jacaré river relation is perhaps good envelope, a composition of many member-_way_s, and a whole concept with the Wikidata tag Q6110511. Lets check a sample of member-ways: way1, way2 or way3. Why only way3 have also the Wikidata tag, and all other ~50 members of the same river have no Wikidata tag?
Can I delete the Wikitag from way3?

Example 3.2: The Mosa river (Q41986), is a whole represented by the relation (envelope) 1075197, is perhaps a good envelope… There are many other relations, ways and nodes that are parts of relation 1075197. Can they use the Wikidata tag Q41986?   Lets check by Overpass/AM5… Hum, all are with the tag Q41986… So, in strict sense all are wrong, can I delete Wikitag from there?

PS: I say “perhaps a good envelope” because other (subtle) problem is to decide when merge into a big envelope all points as in Relation:street#Members, or “river as area vs river as line” perspectives.