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About me

I am an degreed engineer for geomatics and joined the OSM-project on June 8th, 2008. At the moment I get the most fun from mapping, rather then from collecting data, but that may change over time.


Living in Austria, you will find me in the beautiful village of Krumpendorf (Carinthia), but also from time to time in Germany, especially in Berlin and Dortmund.


Currently I still use my neat old Garmin eMap, but I guess in the near future there will be different equipment joining me. All the mapping I do on my Lifebook Tablet PC.

Current Projects

Correction of the Wiki-Pages Users in Austria


Mapping of Krumpendorf


Mapping of Dortmund (Kirchderne/Scharnhorst)


Closing spam-tickets on the JOSM-Project on a daily base

I know I am fighting windmills there, but hopefully I do enough, so people working on JOSM will find the important tickets over the spam-tickets.

Correcting Errors in Klagenfurt

There are lots and lots of errors in Klagenfurt, mostly unconnected streets. At least the connections I will fix in the near future.