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Alles noch unvollständig und im Aufbau - I'm still brainstorming; due to this it's in my userspace and incomplete

Types of cycleways

Description Photo Tags Remarks
Cycleway (only bicycles are allowed) Cycle dutytouse.jpg highway=cycleway, cycleway=track
Cycleroad (only bicycles are allowed, maximum speed is 30km (also for cars if allowed), cyclists may cycle side by side. Cycle cycleroad.jpg highway=cycleway, cycleway=track I suggest the new tag cycleway=road to distinguish this from cycleways.
Combined cycle- and footway (pedestrians and cyclists have the same rights, and have to respect each other). Cycle cycleandfootway.jpg Cannot be tagged adequately. Most mappers use highway=cycleway, foot=yes As this cannot be distinguished from a cycleway where pedestrians are allowed, I suggest the new tag highway=cycleandfootway.
cycleway next to footway Cycle cyclenexttofootway.jpg Two ways, one highway=cycleway, cycleway=track, one highway=footway On Proposed features/Cycle and Footway Ben suggested to use the highway=cycleandfootway tag for this.
footway, bicycles allowed Cycle footwaycycleallowed.jpg highway=footway, bicycle=yes
onewaystreet, that may be cycled in the opposite direction Cycle oneway.jpg highway=<some type>, cycleway=opposite
residential cycleway (i.E. a cycleway instead of a residential road) Cycle residentialcycleway.jpg highway=cycleway This is probably an obscurity yet, but I found some in Freiburg (Germany).

Cycleway in relation to roads

I'm not sure, what is standard in this regard. I heard, that cycleways next to other roads should not be mapped separate but as tags of this road. In my oppinion this approach is missleading and does not credit the needs of cyclists. I'll discuss this topic on a separate page.
Description Photo Tags Remarks
"green" cycleway (next to no road) Cycle noroad.jpg highway=cycleway
separate track next to a road Cycle nexttoroad.jpg highway=<some type>, cycleway=track Yet the tags do not cover the question whether you can cycle the cycleways only in one direction or in two, and also not, at which side(s) the cycleway(s) are located.
lane in a road Cycle trackinroad.jpg highway=<some type>, cycleway=lane Yet the tags do not cover the question whether the lanes are on both sides or only on one side.

Attributes of cycleways

Description Photo Tags Remarks
width With highway=cycleway: width= else not taggable.
slope slope=yes ?!? I'm not sure if this tag exists. Anyway I'd prefer to use the "ele"-tag of the nodes defining the segments to get a much more accurate result.
surface With highway=cycleway: surface= else not taggable. This issue is still discussed.
obstacles no tags yet Are there obstacles (like trees, laterns etc) on the cycleway?
not lowered edge of the kerb no tags yet Important for recumbent bicycle

Duty to use

There is a lot of discussion arround the "duty to use"-cycleways in Germany, and maps taking account of it might help in the discussion.
Description Photo Tags Remarks
A cycleway that you have to use (in Germany - benutzungspflichtiger Radweg) Cycle dutytouse.jpg no tag yet The blue round sign indicates, that this cycleway has to be used.
A cycleway where there is no duty to use (in Germany - nicht benutzungspflichtiger Radweg) Cycle nodutytouse.jpg no tag yet There is no blue round sign (but a white pictogram on the ground) and thus, this cycleway may not be used in Germany.

Other stuff

Description Photo Tags Remarks
cycle routes (Radfernwege) Cycle cycleroutes.jpg no tag yet It seems to me important, that a way that is part of a cycle route should be marked somehow. When defining a tag, one should keep in mind, that a way may be part of several routes.
cycleroads, that are oneway for cars Cycle onewaycycleroad.jpg highway=cycleway, motorcars=yes, cycleway=opposite, oneway=yes This is an other obscurity I found. Maybe motorcars=oneway would be better?!?
cycle workshops
cycle parking spaces