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Kartaview vs. Mapillary vs. Mapilio

Kartaview Mapillary Mapilio
Provider Grab Holdings Inc. (Singapur) Mapillary AB (Schweden)

(bought by Meta=Facebook)

? (UK)
image rate apr. 2 s (in movement) distance (1 - 20 m), default 5 m

or time (0,5 - 10 s)

resolution (depending on the device) up to 6 MP high (as set in camera app settings) / low 1 MP
File size (apr.) mp4 6 MP: 30 MB / 50 images

mp4 4 MP: 23 MB / 50 images

jpeg 6 MP: 5 MB

high 2,5 MB (9 MP)

low 0,25 MB

Geo coding ASCII-Metadata EXIF + GPX
background capturing yes no
length of sequence unlimited App 300 images (pause of 100/300 m)

script upload 500 images

processing time minutes days minutes (w/o) /days (with pixelating)
Pixelate license plates and faces yes yes after some days (before online without!)
traffic signs and object recognition only when using an OBD-interface? (rarely used in Europe) yes yes
deletion of images not in app, but any time after upload before upload, deletion requests take some weeks
image licence CC-by-SA CC-by-SA CC-by-SA
maintenance defect functions over months, new upload script does not work with GoPro good