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About Me

  • Name: lannatom
  • Based in Thailand, Chiang Mai, Amphur Sansai, Tambon Nongjom.
  • 20 years in Thailand


  • Sporadic work on improving the map of Chiang Mai map and surroundings.
  • I use an Android phone with GPS.
  • I am interested in hiking and mountain biking.

Bilingual Maps

Since Thailand is a major tourist destination and expat hub, I think the map labels in for Thailand should be bilingual. Following the examples of Japan and China, this means that the name tag should contain both Thai and English/romanised names. The problem with name:th and name:en tags is that most renderers simply ignore them. It would probably also be costly to implement tile rendering for multiple languages, as tiles need to be generated for each language individually. Hence, the bilingual name tag is currently the best solution to make the Thailand map available to all audiences.