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A request for your vote for Gerald Hasty on the OSM-US Board on October 4th.

I Have been an active OSM mapper as of this month for the past three years. But my interest in cartography and navigation goes back to the days of transits and sextant's. Having since discovered OSM, the ability to work with maps as an amateur has been wonderful.

In support of OSM's mission I have sought to be involved whenever possible. Our state has been having an annual activity at the State Capital called, “Map on the Hill”. An event to showcase GIS activities around the state by schools, industry and governments. An event not only attended by the general public, but since the activity is held during the legislative session, our exhibits have been viewed by State Legislators as well. Continuing to promote OSM, I have been involved with the Northern Utah GIS group with mapping professionals from government and industry. On the state level I have been found helping spread the knowledge about OSM to government and Industry GIS professionals, attending an annual conference from all over the state. A steady supporter of our local OSM organization.

Merging three passions into one, my efforts have melded Amateur Radio, GIS and computer technology into being able to provide humanitarian service. By creating a standalone OSM tile server it is now possible to access map information even if no Internet services are available. Either through a mobile communications van or over the air via microwave radio transmissions. Forming a microwave intra net mesh, it is now possible for our served agencies to continue their missions during a disaster.

I submit to you my candidacy (Gerald Hasty) for a spot on the Board of Open Street Map US. Having served in administrative capacities for other non-profits, my experience will help further the goals of OSM-US. Detail oriented by not one prone to 'bikesheding' describes me. A new term I learn during the recent glut of postings from OSM Foundation. I will entertain questions that you may have about my candidacy before you vote on October the fourth.