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  • Living in Braunschweig (or engl.: Brunswick), Germany.
  • Born 1968. Male.
  • Working as a safety engineer in railway technology.
  • OSM member since end of 2008


  • Garmin Vista HCx.
  • Mainly used for hiking, cycling, sailing, canoeing and nordic skiing.

OSM contributions

Area Description Status
Braunschweig (Germany) Continously checking and occasionally editing Braunschweig and surrounding areas. Ongoing
Bornholm (Denmark) Adding new country roads, cycle tracks and hiking tracks as well as POIs and landmarks on this baltic island, based on logs from a mixed cycling & hiking vacation in August 2009. Ongoing
Grövelsjöen (Sweden) Started editing cross country ski runs in that area for OpenPisteMap (OPM), based on the trackings of a skiing holiday in March 2009. Also added three ski-lifts and a downhill piste I could do with my cross country skis. Unfortunately the nordic ski runs are not yet visible in OPM Render, but they are in Osmarender. Done. However there are still many pistes to be added.
Auvergne (France) Added new country roads in that sparsely mapped area, mainly apart from main traffic, based on the tracking of a cycle trip in August 2008. Done