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Your typical Free/Libre Software enthusiast. I'm currently attempting to map out the Northeast quadrant of Calgary, Alberta, Canada to the best of my ability. I typically put in my share of contributions while out for walks when the weather is nice. My tool of choice is a cell phone with Vespucci installed. I'd love to meet up with other mappers in person to discuss our efforts.


  • The Calgary Transit network. It's an important economic backbone.
  • All stores and shops.
  • Unnamed roads seem to be an issue in the area.
  • House numbers.
  • Park features.

I'm not sure what else to add. Note that there are limitations to what can be done on a cell phone running Vespucci while disconnected from the internet.


I'm currently attempting to map out the transit routes connecting to Saddletowne Station. My goal is to work my way south until all transit routes within the quadrant are mapped.

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  • 61 (finished but tagged incorrectly)
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