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Name: Luc Tassaert

Date of birth: 17/05/1969

Location: Diksmuide

Started on OSM: 12/04/2008

Why join OpenStreetMap?

I read an article in Linux Magazine (november 2007) on OpenStreetMap. I loved the idea of the project, then half forgot about it, picked the mag up again a few months later and was charmed again by the idea. Read more on OpenStreetMap on the wiki and decided to participate.

What I have done so far

  • Before I had my HCx I made some edits to known locations on Potlatch.
  • Bought my GPS-tracker.
  • I mapped my immediate neighbourhood and some roads followed on work related trips.

What I would like to do

At the moment Diksmuide, where I live, seems to be largely a white blot on OSM. I don't much care to live in a white blot, so the only alternative to moving is to add some colour myself. So I intend to track and map most of Diksmuide, some of my place of work in Kortrijk and whereever else I may roam.

What I am using

  • Garmin HCx Legend
  • JOSM
  • Potlatch