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Bid Conference Summary
SOTM 2015 Venezia (Venice) - ITALY

  • Bid submitted by lucacorsato (Venetian - indeed from Mestre-Venezia - Italian OSM community) - contact
  • Mappers from all around the world are kindly invited to SOTM15, in the beautiful location of Venice (map)
  • The Venue will take place at Aquae Venezia 2015, hosted in the Main Stand of the International Water Fair, located at (map) close to Parco di San Giuliano and VEGA (Scientific and Technological Park).
  • SOTM15 is planned between the end of May 2015 and the first week of June 2015.
  • Easy transport access to and from the event's location by bus, train or tram. Venice city center is close to the conference and can be reached in 10-15min.
  • Different options for accomodation will be made available to attendees (B&B, hotels, apartments, hostels and so on).
  • Affordable Delegate Cost –suggested EUR150 max (USD106)

Brochure of Aquae Venezia 2015

Why Venice

  • Promotion of OSM in Italy relies on the cultural and geographical varieties of its territory, an important heritage for people from all around the world. In particular, Venice represent a unique example of how human geography radically shape the environment in which we live and is a key factor of cultural, social and artistic integration.
  • With the 50% of mapping’s contribution from abroad on Venice the OSM community can reshape the definition of common goods, helping mapping, managing and maintain information of one of the most important World Heritage Site [1] beyond the common understanding of tourism economy.
  • The conjunction of the International Water Fair can open new scenarios of development for the community. On one hand the presentation of UNESCO International Annual Report on Water can address those mappers who are involved in humanitarian crisis management, hydrogeological risk, citizen science projects. On the other hand, the presence of startups and companies can offer an opportunity of expanding OSM toward new business scenarios.
  • The Public Administrations, in particular Regione Veneto (regional government) and the City of Venice, begun releasing geographical data that are progressively imported in OSM. SOTM15 can be a great opportunity to spread the word of how important free geographical data are for both citizens and governments in addressing society issues.
  • While we understand the importance of having a common language (such as English) for discussing ideas, projects and business we believe that cultural differences are worth sharing, especially while having some good food. We then decide to arrange a one-day multilingual business workshop. It will happen in the restaurant-park area and it provide a chance to all the participant to discuss with their own languages. Linguistic differences are a value not a limit.
  • You can look for plenty of different solutions of accommodation (hotel, B&B, hostels) both inside the old city of Venice or near the event’s location. We believe that brilliant ideas are made of great people, good food, and astonishing location.


Name OSM username Conference Role Experience
Luca Corsato lucacorsato Project Lead OSMmapper, Wikipedian, Civic Hacker, Opendata expert. 2 years experience in geographic information systems of the City of Venice, responsible for the release of the geographical data of the City of Venice
Simone Cortesi simone Advisor, Master Yoda of OpenStreetMap Italia VicePresident of WikiMedia Italia, Civic Hacker, opendata expert, Ex-board member to OSM Foundation.
Marco Sportillo Commercial and Business Executive strategic consultant and startupper
Andrea Raimondi Raimondiand Representative for UK activities Civic Hacker, Opendata Expert, PhD student in Philosophy at University of Nottingham
Tiziano D'Angelo Tizianos Representative to the Venetian OSM community Active as a mapper in Padova
Fabio Malagnino invisigot Representative to the Piemonte local community Active as a mapper in Torino
Stefano Sabatini sabas88 Website coordinator? Active as a mapper in Liguria and Sardinia, main maintainer of social media accounts for Italian community, civic hacker and developer
Fabrizio Tambussa sbiribizio Dynamic solutions specialist Active as a mapper in Italy and worldwide, developer
Maurizio Napolitano napo open data specialist, openstreetmap evangelist, technologist and researcher head of : node of the open data institute Active as a mapper in Italy and worldwide, developer


  • The event will be scheduled for the 29-30-31 of May or the 5-6-7 June. We are currently working to fix the best time for SOTM15 between those two slots in order to guarantee that: (i) in the period scheduled for the event accommodation’s expenses in Venice are lower and the availability is usually guaranteed (ii) is the best time to put together SOTM15 with companies that partecipate to the International Water Fair (iii) there are no other events that may coincide with SOTM15.


  • Venice (map) will host Aquae Venezia 2015 the International Water Fair, sponsored by EXPO 2015.
  • Close to Parco di San Giuliano (map)
  • SOTM15 will take place in the Main Stand of the International Water Fair (14.000sqm, 2000sqm projectable surface), within which approximately 100 expositon's stands will be available, as well as two conference rooms (250 and 110 seats), main scientific area and restaurants.
  • Advanced multimedia solutions will be available to the participant, such as wifi coverage, multi-stream with keynotes, presentations, workshops, panel sessions. Lightning talks will take place in the conference rooms.


  • An individual contribution of 150€ (190USD) that include:
  • 3 days entrance at the Fair
  • breakfast and lunch
  • benefits from sponsors


The organising committee will contribute with logistic, welcoming and exhibition spaces. Further companies and public institutions will sponsor the event.

How to get there

The selected venue for SOTM15 is located between Mestre and Venice in the Porto Marghera area (map)


  • Train Station Mestre Venezia (map)
  • Train Station Porto Marghera (Venezia line) (map)
  • Train Station Venezia Santa Lucia (map)

Other means of transport

  • Bus (all urban and extra-urban lines going to Venice)
  • Shuttle by ship from Venezia (berthing on the pavilion wharf - map)
  • Shuttle from the Marco Polo International Airport
  • By car, the trip from Milan lasts for 2h 4m (reserved parking available)
  • By bike, from Mestre there are cycleways

Fly me to SOTM15

  • Marco Polo International Airport (map) is only 15 minutes away by bus shuttle from the location