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Professionally, I'm a lawyer and former developer. I've been involved with free and open source software development since the late 90s, first as a Mozilla bug volunteer, Lego Mindstorms hacker, and Linux desktop QA guy; and then later as a lawyer and community guy at Red Hat, Mozilla, Wikimedia, and at a large law firm. I'm currently in private practice, serving a variety of clients from startups to some of the world's biggest companies.

Personally, I'm a current San Franciscan, native Miamian, and dad of a very young future nerd.

Me and maps

While I've never been much of an OSM contributor (contributions), I've been involved with open data for a long time, and was on the ODbL drafting mailing list. (I've since changed my position on the advisability of ODbL.) I got interested more in OSM while I was at Wikimedia, and have been helping out the OSMF legal/license working group for some time (informally while at WMF (example), formally now).

I'm a minor map nerd, especially around how they represent cities. I've got quite a few geography-related books on my shelf and one OSM-based map hanging on the wall at home.

Me and open organizations

I've been on the board of the GNOME Foundation and the Open Source Initiative, and worked extensively with Wikimedia's board and international chapters in my roles as Deputy General Counsel and head of Community Engagement at the Wikimedia Foundation.