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This page contains a set of Kosmos rendering rules for a climbing guide map - sectors mask.


Option Value Comment
MinKosmosVersion 2.1 Minimal version of Kosmos needed to use these rules
LandBackgroundColor #F8F8F8
SeaColor #B5D6F1

Sector borders

Rule Name Targets Selector Template Options Comment
Sector Titanic Way sector=yes name=Titanic Polygon (MinZoom=15, Color=#FFFF00)
Sector Garrone Way sector=yes name=Garrone Polygon (MinZoom=15, Color=#FF0000)
Sector Kapitan Way sector=yes name=Kapitan Polygon (MinZoom=15, Color=#0000FF)
Sector Monstrum Way sector=yes name=Monstrum Polygon (MinZoom=15, Color=#FF9900)
Sector Hollywood Way sector=yes name=Hollywood Polygon (MinZoom=15, Color=#009900)
Sector Poemex Way sector=yes name=Poemex Polygon (MinZoom=15, Color=#333333)


Rule Name Targets Selector Template Options Comment
Measure Way measure=yes Polyline (MinZoom=15, Color=#000000, Width=1:1;17:1)