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I have started mapping my home area(s) in the 90s with pencil and a bicycle odometer :-) Well actually I wanted to produce a set of routes that I could combine to a given length (e.g. 12.500 meters) because I do not like to go jogging on the same route every day.

In 2003 I bought a GPS to get more accurate results. First thing after that was writing a piece of software that could display the GPS-data as a map and calculate routes and do all the s7uff I needed.

yMap - GPS-Mapper

This mapping software quickly grew into a nice app with lots of features and I collected GPS-Data wherever I was going. The Idea of exchanging this data with other users (just like OSM) was obvious. But at that time I lost my job and couldn't afford to proceed on these thought. Even worse, I am living in a rural area with small bandwidth so sharing lots of data online, was not possible for me.

Anyway beeing 'on the dole' gave me time to extend yMap and collect more GPS-Data :-) I already sold one of my maps to a magazine that needed a map of a certain area.


For several reasons and lots of other interests I missed out OSM almost completely until I read an article in a german IT-mag (ix) some weeks ago. On Friday, June 6th 2008 I got me an account here and started to write an export routine, so I could hand over selected Data (only nodes) from yMap to JOSM and upload my first track to OSM on Monday June 9th.


There are difference in data types and conceptual differences between OSM and yMap especially regarding tags of nodes and the way relations are handled.

Unfortunately transferring yMap-Data to OSM is currently not possible without scrificing some of the properties/details in my data that I have carefully collected.

Actually I was pretty busy in the last 12 months with a lot of other stuff and did not have the time to do anything in order to make yMap more compatible to OSM. As I understand it, there will be only one way of making yMap work with OSM: I will have to rewrite all the code concerning relations.

You may contact me (anonymously and without dataretention) via german privacyfoundation: (Please send your e-mail address along with your message if you expect me to answer.)