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About Me

Hiya, this is Michael from Germany. I'm actually from the northern part of germany (Rostock), but living in Leipzig for a long time, now.


Therefore I mostly map the Leipzig country, especially the region around Frohburg. But I also do some mapping on the North Island of New Zealand.


During spring time 2008 I drove around in Frohburg several times with my GPS (MDPNA100/MD95270 Pocket PC with WM2003). This way I've been able to map more then 90% of the city's streets.



Main Streets of Frohburg itself and some villages (suburbs) around i.e.:

  • Altenburger Str. (K7990)
  • Am alten Sportplatz
  • Am Gewerbegebiet
  • Am Sonneneck
  • Am Stadtbad
  • Am Steinberg
  • Am Wasserwerk
  • August-Bebel-Str.
  • Bahnhofstr.
  • Benndorfer Weg / Frohburger Str. (to Benndorf)
  • Brauhausgasse
  • Brückengasse
  • Dalienweg
  • Dörfchen
  • Erligtweg
  • Florian-Geyer-Str.
  • Gartenstr.
  • Greifenhainer Str. (K7990)
  • Kirchplatz
  • Kohrener Str. (K7936)
  • K7940
  • Markt
  • Moto-Cross-Weg
  • Nenkersdorfer Str.
  • Neubauerweg
  • Neue Str.
  • Otto-Nuschke-Str.
  • Streitwalder Str.
  • Querstr.
  • Ringstr.
  • Str. des Aufbaus
  • Str. des 3. Oktober
  • Wiesenmühlenweg
  • Wiesenweg (to Greifenhain)
  • Teichgasse
  • Töpfergasse
  • Töpferplatz
  • Sattlergasse
  • Streitwalder Str.
  • Webergasse
  • Wolfslückenweg
  • Some streets in Greifenhain (suburb; todo: naming)
  • Some streets in Schönau (suburb; todo: naming)
  • River Wyhra (only around Frohburg itself)
  • Eschefelder Teiche (todo: naming; Strassenteich)
  • Teich im Erligt
  • Schlossteich (todo: naming)
  • Stadtbad
  • Harthsee
  • See in Pahna (todo: naming)


  • Am Kaplanberg
  • Naming of some Streets in Frohburg
  • Some tracks, foot and cycle ways in Frohburg and around
  • Naming of streets in Greifenhain
  • Some Streets in Benndorf, Eschefeld, Roda, Nenkersdorf and Schönau


On my last visit in Rostock I collected some data with my GPS unit.


  • Stockholmer Str. (Rostock - Lütten Klein)
  • country route Lichtenhagen to Heiligen Damm via Bad Doberan

New Zealand

We were there in vacation and drove around in a campervan (about 2.500km). So I could get a lot of material/data for OSM.


  • SH1 Taupo - Turangi and Whangarei - Kawakawa
  • SH2 Katikati - Tauranga and Mt. Maunganui - Te Puke - Whakatane - Opotiki - Gisborne - Wairoa
  • SH11 Kawakawa - Opua
  • SH25 Thames - Coromandel
  • SH31 Kawhia - Intersection to SH39
  • SH38 Wairoa - Rotorua (uncealed sections not marked yet)
  • SH39 Ngaruawahia - Otorohanga (until intersection to SH31)
  • Road Okiato - Russell
  • Ferry Pahia - Russell
  • Ferry Opua - Okiato
  • White Island
  • Te Motu Island
  • Great Barrier Island
  • Little Barrier Island
  • Red Barrier Island
  • Couvier Island
  • Channel Island
  • Coastline around Kawhia Harbour (some)
  • Coastline in the Bay of Plenty (some)
  • Coastline between Thames and Coromandel (some)


  • Medion MDPNA100/MD95270 Pocket PC with WM2003 and internal GPS reciever (TMC/Tchibo)
  • TCM-Navigator 4.3
    • navigation in europe
  • OziExplorerCE Vers. 2.02
    • recording tracks
    • navigation outside of europe
  • OziExplorer Vers. 3.95.4q
    • editing/preparing maps for usage with the PPC
    • converting tracks to gpx format

For OSM editing I just use Potlatch.