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I got involved in mapping and the OSM project around July 2010. Most of my work in OSM is as a volunteer, however I can share my OSM knowledge as a consultant too. For contact information and more details on my work with free software, see my personal website or contact me.

I am mostly interested in mapping small parks in urban areas and hiking areas in or around the Montreal area, in Quebec, Canada - particularly Outremont and Mont-Royal. When I travel elsewhere I focus on missing roads and access routes.

In May 2018 I joined the OpenStreetMap US chapter and started contributing to the OpenStreetCam project via the Waylens camera lending program.

If you want to contribute / come to OSM events in the area, check these links:

I mostly use OSMTracker for Android and in all my mapping activies I prefer using free, open source software.

You can follow my progress here:

More about me:

Tags I wish existed / I wonder how to best represent:

  • ammenity:sandbox
  • leisure:splash_pad (jeux d'eau)

Tags I often use:

  • amenity=bicycle_parking
  • leisure:paddling_pool
  • leisure=picnic_table
  • amenity=toilets
  • leisure=playground
  • amenity=drinking_water
  • amenity=waste_basket
  • amenity=fire_hydrant