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Ways which have official names but no or incorrect signs.
The link at the name of the place links to street list wiki with the official names from official data OSM is allowed to use.

Place Official name (from street list) Reality Link to map Image Fixed
Brand-Erbisdorf Dillingener Straße no streetname signs present [1]
Brand-Erbisdorf Seilergasse Addresses with addr:street Seilergasse do exist, but no streetname sign [2]
Freiberg Roßplatz No streetname signs present, no addresses seem to exist. According to administration "Roßplatz" is an unofficial name given by people. [3]
Freiberg Johannisgäßchen no streetname signs present [4]
Freiberg Am Junger-Löwe-Schacht Sign said: "Am Junger Löwe Schacht" by malenki in Reality: pic by Saxonyking
Freiberg Am St.-Niclas-Schacht Sign said: "Am St. Niclas Schacht" [5] by malenki in Reality: pic by Saxonyking
Halsbrücke Nußbaumweg Signs say both "Nussbaumweg" and "Nußbaumweg" (survey by Emploi) [6]
Halsbrücke St.-Lorenz-Gegentrum Sign sais "St.Lorenz Gegentrum" [7] [8] [9] (pics by osm user Emploi)
Zwenkau (OT Döhlen) Am Scheidtplatz Sign sais "Scheidtplatz" [10] [11]
Dresden Talweg Unpaved footway/path, no sign. Resident sais the way is not really official and doesn't have a name. [12]
Dresden Melisseweg Sign sais "Melissenweg" (which sounds more reasonable anyway) [13]
Bad Sulza Zum Herlitzberg Sign sais: Zum Herlitzenberg [14] [15] pic by osm user Natura
Lübeck Flachsröße Lübeck, Straßensuche –> Suche nach ~ Sign sais Flachsrösse (see history of the way linked at map) [16]