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Hi, my name is Richard. I've been working with GIS for many long years and have been a contributor to OSM since 2008.

I work as a GIS Consultant with GAMMA, an Irish GIS business.

After attending SotM in 2008 and 2009 and then missing a few years I made it to SotM 2013 where I spoke about 'The State of Ireland' and ran a workshop aimed at GIS professionals who were new to OSM. You can see the slide decks fior these talks, and others I've done (mostly with a focus on OSM) on my SpeakerDeck page.

I have run a number of OSM promotional activities, including Mapping Parties and Presentations (with other Irish OSMers) and I give a few lectures per year to 3rd level students where I tend to focus on things OSM related.

I'm a member of the OSM Foundation and also vice president of IRLOGI - The Irish Organisation for Geographic Information

I'm a fairly heavy user of twitter, tweeting about Geo things (and rugby and beer)