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I am mapping in the northern part of Hesse, Germany, mostly in the area of the adminstrative district "Bad Hersfeld - Rotenburg" and that is where my name is derived from (Mapping in Hersfeld Rotenburg). As this area (being nicknamed Hesse Sibiria) is predominantly rural there are only few active mappers around and large parts of it are mapped merely from aerial images. I am working on finetuning the existing data and adding missing objects and details (which are many), wherat my focus is verification by survey on the ground. As there are extensive forest areas all around I can combine mapping with hiking and mountainbiking which is simply great. I am using a Multiband GPS, a digicam and a little voice recorder, old fashioned stuff but robust and reliable.

I came to OSM in 2021 only but I startet mapping back in the 1990s when I lived in a West African Country for many years, creating my own local maps in lack of official ones, using a magnetic compass, ruler and pencil on the base of some very old topographical maps found in a local surveyors office.