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Hi, My name is Marijn Vriens (Email: marijn {a} metronomo {.} cl ) . I'm a dutch guy living in Santiago de Chile. I mostly move around in the municipalidades of Providencia, Ñuñoa and Santiago-Centro.

Reason I'm helping with this project is that I have a Garmin Vista HCx (my old Legend was run-over :( ) but there are no publicly available maps of Santiago or Chile. The restricted digital maps that are available are expensive, outdated and incomplete, especially for smaller towns and villages.

The state of Chile's map is lacking still, but I'm doing what I can.

Current Objectives

  • Map the urban motorways and main roads of Santiago to make it easy for anyone else to focus on their neighborhood and add those streets.
  • Map the streets of the "Municipalidad" of Providencia
  • Map the streets of the "Municipalidad" of Ñuñoa
  • Add Chile's main highway (ruta 5). (That's over 5.000 KM of road!)
  • Add points of reference for the main cities and towns of Chile. Again this is to make collaboration by others easier.

Completed objectives

  • The OSM maps for Chile are automaticly generated by infrastructure I setup. It should create maps for Garmin that are automaticly updated each week. See WikiProject Chile for more details.