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In early 2020 with a lack of parkruns to amuse them, a section of the parkrunning sub-culture decided to collect street names, in an attempt to complete an alphabet, I was too lazy to run around looking for the right streets, but I found a link to overpass and found a list of every street within three miles, that list proved there were certain letters missing, and that I would be a fool to even try.

Later the same sub-culture would try collecting Post Box cyphers, this seemed a more realistic challenge, but again I was reluctant to start something I could not finish. Unfortunately none of my local post boxes had this information recorded in OSM, but a friend convinced me to add them myself. So I had to use almost a full GB of data to download JOSM.

Of course once I had JOSM installed it would have been quite wasteful not to use it, so I started making a few more edits, putting shops in the right places, adding the occasional carpark, finding missing names, that sort of thing.

In May 2020 I suffered an ankle injury, which prevented me from walking more than a few feet each day, so I was unable to conduct any surveys, instead I worked my way through a FHRS/OSM comparison list of places I knew, and could remember, well.