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On OSM itself I edit under Mark_S (as somebody got MarkS before me). Elsewhere I use MarkS if possible which tends to match what I used elsehere on the net.

OSM Edits

I'll normally add a description. The following might provide more information:

  1. 'Self intersecting ways' - These are fixes highlight by Gary68's self intersecting way script. The occur when a way overlaps itself. Based on experience these are often due to: (1) nodes in a way being dragged off by mistake, (2) the T's at the end of streets being setup incorrectly
  2. 'Sharp bends' - This is my script (derived from Gary68's self intersecting ways script') which looks for sharp bends in highways. Broadly the script looks for ways that go back on themselves by almost 180 degrees. Whilst these could be hair-pin bends they are often down to nodes being dragged by mistake or the T's at the end of streets.

Licence Change

If we are going to change the licence lets get on and do it.


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