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Based at Miami on the Gold Coast. Aim is to progrssively map the Gold Coast Outwards from Miami.

Other OSM mappers in the area welcome to drop by for a chat, or come to one of the great Brisbane Mapping Parties.

Visit my talk page for a list of Trap Streets and other "Easter Eggs" I have found.

I admit, I still prefer potlatch and the satellite imagery.

Mapping Projects

In addition to street mapping of certain areas, I am looking to expand the usefulness of OSM. The aim is to cover more types of mapping by developing tags, map data and output. Here are some of the specialty maps I am exploring:

* Kayaking and Paddle sports, and water navigation generally

* Aviation and Airports

* Construction projects (railways, roads and other infrastructure)

* Tourist Maps

* Local Government and other administrative/statistical boundary maps

* Wildlife Habitat Areas

* River basins and mountain ranges

Contact me if you are interested in collaborating.

Recent Mapping

  • Bridgeman Downs (area bounded by: Cabbage Tree Creek, Beckett Rd, Albany Creek Rd)