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Me :-)

I live in Athlone, Co. Westmeath, Ireland and am originally from Southern Denmark. I work in most of the mid-west and was until recently in Co. Galway, still have my business there. My activities spread mostly on automotive endavours, wireless projects and HAM radio, which also involves GPS at times, so contributing to OSM came naturally.

Website, Blog, Dairy

My website can be found at
I keep an occasional blog at, but it isn't always up to date.
I do make comments to my OSM diary, again .. only once in a while.


Originally I would have used GPSdrive for logging, then Nokia SportsTracker and WhereAmI+ (the last two, which run on Nokia mobile phones). The internal GPS in the phones aren't very good, so I have a Fortuna Clip-On Bluetooth receiver (Sirf II-LE and Sirf Xtrac chipset), a Qstarz Q1000P Logger (MTKv1 chipset) and more recent a Qstarz BT-818XT (MTKv2 chipset, 10 Hz refresh rate), which can be used as USB or bluetooth receiver, too.
Recently I've changed my phone for a Motorola Droid 4, which runs Android and I use various apps there (like MapFactor Navigator Free) for logging and mapping.

I also have a few headunits, that support GPS. One is a Eonon Windows CE device, that has a Sirf III based GPS board. I run MapFactor Navigator Free (uses OSM maps) on that and it facilitates logging to NMEA files, too.
The other is chinese unit, that has an Android tablet as the frontend and does the job equally well. Also here with Sirf III chipset on an external antenna.


I'm mapping all over Europe, wherever I am, however mostly the west of Ireland: Galway, Westmeath, Roscommon, North Clare, South Mayo to be specific.


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Well, my swedish is pretty good, but terrible in writing. Norwegian really depends on where in the country you are, but I usually manage from south to north, due to danish and swedish skills.