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Laaerstrasse-Tresdorf.jpg 2009-09-18-wien-by-RalfR-19.jpg 2009-09-18-wien-by-RalfR-54.jpg B170 Beginn.jpg Kurz parkzone + text.png Wien Schwechat Verkehrszeichen.jpg Südtirol 9929.jpg Fi-no hgv disc others.png Stile and Road Signs at Coddington - - 414551.jpg Bridgeweight.svg UK traffic sign 626.2AV6+627.1.svg Verkehrszeichen 2924.jpg GuentherZ 2012-07-06 0067 Wien12 MeidlingerHauptstrasse Verkehrszeichen.jpg JuisterVerkehrsrecht.jpg No left turn sign - except teachers.jpg

Description/Sign Extended conditions Access restriction 1.5 Simplified Conditional Restrictions Language
2009-09-18-wien-by-RalfR-54.jpg (reads: "except bicycles, horse-drawn carriages, taxi, PSV, vehicles of the public security service, road maintenance and refuse-collecting vehicles") ? ? ?