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OSM Logo This user submits data to OpenStreetMap under the name
Matej Lieskovský.
Flag of Europe.svg This user hails from Europe
en This user is a native speaker of English.
cs Tomuto uživateli je čeština mateřským jazykem.
Linux Mint logo without wordmark.svg Matej Lieskovský uses a Mint-based computer.
Android robot.svg Matej Lieskovský uses an Android-based mobile device.
Vivaldi This user prefers the Vivaldi web browser.
JOSM Matej Lieskovský submits data to OpenStreetMap using JOSM.
MAPS.ME Matej Lieskovský uses MAPS.ME
Overpass-turbo.svg Matej Lieskovský uses Overpass turbo, an OSM database search tool and is willing to advise on it

Bike Matej Lieskovský
is a bicyclist.