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Who am I?

I am currently a last-year student in geography at Gent University, with another degree in environmental engineering. I live both in Zele and in Gent.

How did I find this project?

By accident I suppose, actually I don't exactly remember how... but I was hooked from the first moment I stumbled upon it.

What do I intend to contribute?

Well, I've already done quite some mapping in my home town Zele. I've also tagged some existing streets here & there (Gent, Sint-Niklaas, ...). Right now I'm also mapping in the Kruibeke-Rupelmonde-Steendorp region, as there's a lot of work to do and the quality of the yahoo-aerial maps is very good.

Mapping contributions





<gallery> Image:2009 02 10 Temse.png|Status on 2009.02.10 Image:2009 02 12 Temse.png|Status on 2009.02.12