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Hello, I'm Matt. I'm a final year student at Plymouth University, but I come from North London.

Mapping Areas

I plan to cover mainly areas in Plymouth that have not been mapped yet such as my own road, and adjacent area. Most of where I live in Barnet has been covered by others, so Plymouth is my priority. I will achieve this by running my Sat Nav (NavMan S30) which logs automatically, and uploading it whenever I can.

Live Traffic Monitoring

For my final year project, I am to bring live mapping data to the open source community. This shall be acheived by logging software placed on mobile phones, which with a large enough data set shall produce reliable results on major roads. The aim is for this to be fed back in to the supplying phones and on the web.

The idea is that it will work much like a wiki along with social networking elements. But before this can be achieved, large amounts of GPS data needs to be collected. Please message me if you are interested in the subject.