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My name is Matthew Gates. I started out with OSM in March/April 2007. I did a fair bit of the York map, and I'm now doing some of Derby and surrounding areas.

Equipment & Software

  • I use a Garmin Etrex Vista for gathering tracks.
  • I upload data to my Ubuntu laptop using GPSBabel.
  • I usually may on a bicycle, which is a Kona Lavadome (circa 1992).
  • I take photos of street signs and amenities using a Nokia phone. This doesn't add the proper EXIF tags (timestamp) for the images to be placed properly by JOSM, so I use exiftool and a small Perl script I write to set the EXIF tags from the image modified time stamp. I used obexftp and a little wrapper script for copying the images from the phone while preserving the timestamp.
  • I use JOSM for mapping.
  • I think I might have come down with a case of OCOSMD (Obsessive Compulsive Open Street Mapping Disorder).

JOSM Patches

I've started to do a little work on JOSM. I've never done any Java programming before, but since Sun have GPL'd it I figure I should start now.

My first patch adds auto-completion to the properties/add dialog, and remembers the last selected attribute type between invocations of the dialog, auto-selecting the previous attribute from the last invocation. I think it makes it a bit faster to use.

Other FOSS projects

I'm a project admin, developer and document author for Stellarium, a free/open source planetarium project. I've written a few other little bits and bobs, including a script for Amarok (podcast cleanup), and various other bits and pieces.