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Cheerio, everyone,

as an absolute OpenStreetMap beginner, I am trying to contribute at least a bit by providing data about my home community Kreßberg as this area looks more like green fields at the moment.... :-)

Currently I am recording the GPS data with my TomTom Go 520 and Pilsit's LogPos, as I could not make Event_Logger 8.1 work on current NavCore 8.x software.

I am doing the postprocessing with

  • RouteConverter (to create GPX files out of the itn's ) and
  • Google Earth (just to take a quick look, if the recorded points are trustworthy, as the current RouteConverter on Mac cannot display maps...)
  • on an Apple MacBook running OS X Tiger, before
  • editing with Potlatch JOSM

My user name stands for my profession; I have studied Mechatronics.

Constructive criticism absolutely welcome!