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Proposal Template

Place the following wiki text at the top of the page, and fill in the brief summary content fields.

{{Proposal Page
|name           = 
|user           = 
|key            = 
|value          = 
|type           = 
|definition     = 
|appearance     = 
|status         = 
|draftStartDate = 
|rfcStartDate   = 
|voteStartDate  = 
|voteEndDate    = 

== Proposal ==
== Rationale ==
== Examples ==
== Tagging ==
== Applies to ==
== Rendering ==
== Features/Pages affected ==
== External discussions ==
== Comments ==
Please comment on the [[{{TALKPAGENAME}}|discussion page]].

This will bring in the wiki template Proposal Page which displays a green box with summary details on the top right of the page. Use 'Show preview' to check how it looks. After the closing '}}' characters you should begin the main content with proposal details as follows.


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