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My WMS / Tileserver

Initial position

After traveling through morocco in 2008 i spent some tracks to OSM.

Before travel i took lots of out-of-coyright-maps and prepared them for navigation. These maps are despite the age still enough precise, since most roads and villages never gets moved. See details of this georeference here: http://domain/memch/gpspilot/gpspilot.html#Kartendateien_auf_dem_VFS

See: (

and others ..


Online Tools, such as needs recalibration again, so this is not useful here.

So i implemtented my own own Webservice for WMS ( Openlayers Tileserver (, which uses direct georeferences from the Navigationtool GPSPilot.

All prepared Maps can be used as tiles or WMS. Keep in mind that the services is still hosted on a ADSL account with just 600 kBits upload.

Tiles: http://domain/app/openlayers.html?zoom=6&lat=28.30438&lon=-8.9209&layers=B0000000FFFT

WMS: http://domain/app/tile.php?layer=rus500&bbox=-8.3,31.4,-7.6,31.9&width=640&height=480


Actually there are following layers to use (see url parameter: layer=xxxxxxxx):

rus500: full coverage, good precisicon, cyrillic, Coverage: http://domain/app/openlayers.html?zoom=6&lat=28.30438&lon=-8.9209&layers=B0000000FFFT

rus200: partial coverage (nord east), good precisicon, cyrillic. Coverage: http://domain/app/openlayers.html?zoom=6&lat=28.30438&lon=-8.9209&layers=0B000000FFFT

rus100: few coverage, good precisicon, cyrillic. Coverage: http://domain/app/openlayers.html?zoom=6&lat=28.30438&lon=-8.9209&layers=00B00000FFFT

ams250: full coverage, less precise, latin letters, older. Coverage: http://domain/app/openlayers.html?zoom=6&lat=28.30438&lon=-8.9209&layers=000B0000FFFT

Use following templates for JOSM WMS-Plugin and Potlatch:

JOSM WMS Plugin: http://domain/app/tile.php?layer=xxxxxxxx&

Potlatch Custom Background: "http://domain/app/tile.php?layer=xxxxxxx&z=!&x=!&y=!"

Fill parameter "layer=" with correct value, see above.

If you have copyright - compatible maps, and need a tile server or wms, feel free to contact me here:

Example use

Russian 100k

The only "rus100" map covers that area: http://domain/app/openlayers.html?zoom=11&lat=31.16619&lon=-7.7391&layers=00B00000TFFF

So your help could start here: Potlatch with "layer=rus100" as custom background

See editing for morocco in Josm with Russian 100k Map as background

Russian 200k

The nine "rus200" map covers that area: http://domain/app/openlayers.html?zoom=8&lat=34.71962&lon=-4.94368&layers=0B000000TFFF

So your help could start here: Potlatch with "layer=rus200" as custom background

Full coverage of Russian 500k and American Mapping service 250k

Or in the "Jebel M'Goun" area, center http://domain/app/openlayers.html?zoom=10&lat=31.50988&lon=-6.44426&layers=B0000000TFFF:

Edit with "rus500": Potlatch with "layer=rus500" as custom background

Edit with "ams250" (American Mapping service): Potlatch with "layer=ams250" as custom background

See editing for morocco in Potlatch with American Mapping Service 250k Map as background