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About myself

My name is Michael Wenzl I live in Schwabmünchen a small town about 20km to the south of Augsburg. After moving with my family to Schwabmünchen I started with mapping. This was a very elegant way to get familiar with my new hometown and leaded in the creation of a wiki focused on Schwabmünchen to learn more about the place where I live.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me by mail or jabber:

e-mail: micha[AT]
jabber: micha[AT]


I did my first steps with a Holux GM-210 USB GPS Mouse hooked to a old Siemens Notebook. The data was collected via gpsd and afterwards converted to the gpx format with gpsbabel.

Since the combination of a notebook with external GPS mouse is very bulky for use on the bike I decided to get a smaller device. The Wintec WBT-201 a GPS receiver with integrated logger was my choice. Its small enough to be carried in a trouser pocket, it uses bluetooth and usb to connect to a pc or pda and finnaly the runtime is long enough for a day's journey. To read the logs with gpsbabel you have to take care to use at least version 1.3.4, earlier versions don't support the WBT-201 dataformat (see also GPS_Reviews/Wintec_and_Woxter#Reading_tracks_from_the_Wintec_WBT-201_under_Linux).

gtk-g-rays2 is a linux program to change the internal settings like the logging intervals.