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I'm runing a selfwritten bot, changing tags. It's main use is to fix often done misspellings, but it also changes some often wrong done tags. It's latest log is available here as CSV-File.


Currently I use the following rules:

# missspells
amenity		nursing home		amenity		nursing_home
amenity		Kindergarten		amenity		kindergarten
shop		gifts			shop		gift
shop		book			shop		books
shop		pets			shop		pet
shop		mobile			shop		mobile_phone
shop		cars			shop		car
shop		carpets			shop		carpet
addr:city	Munich			addr:city	München
addr:city	munich			addr:city	München
addr:city	Muenchen		addr:city	München
addr:city	Munchen			addr:city	München
addr:city	münchen			addr:city	München
#addr:city	Frankfurt/M		addr:city	Frankfurt
#addr:city	Frankfurt/Main		addr:city	Frankfurt
addr:city	Frankfurt am Main - Germany	addr:city	Frankfurt
addr:country	de			addr:country	DE
addr:country	deutschland		addr:country	DE
addr:country	Deutschland		addr:country	DE
addr:country	Germany			addr:country	DE
amenity		place_of_worhship	amenity		place_of_worship
amenity		place _of_worship	amenity		place_of_worship
amenity		place_of _worship	amenity		place_of_worship
amenity		grave yard		amenity		grave_yard
amenity		grave-yard		amenity		grave_yard
amenity		graveyard		amenity		grave_yard
amenity		postbox			amenity		post_box
Amenity		*			amenity		*
amanity		*			amenity		*
amanety		*			amenity		*
max_speed	*			maxspeed	*
bicylce		*			bicycle		*
bicyle		*			bicycle		*
bicycles	*			bicycle		*
addr:interpolation	uneven		addr:interpolation	odd
name		Hypo Vereinsbank	name		HypoVereinsbank
name		Hypo-Vereinsbank	name		HypoVereinsbank
name		HypovereinsBank		name		HypoVereinsbank
name		Hypovereinsbank		name		HypoVereinsbank
operator	Hypo Vereinsbank	operator	HypoVereinsbank
operator	Hypo-Vereinsbank	operator	HypoVereinsbank
operator	HypovereinsBank		operator	HypoVereinsbank
operator	Hypovereinsbank		operator	HypoVereinsbank

# defnitly wrong tab
amenity		Hotel			tourism		hotel
amenity		barbeque		amenity		bbq
amenity		barbecue		amenity		bbq
amenity		supermarket		shop		supermarket
shop		car_dealer		shop		car
shop		jeweller		shop		jewelry
shop		jewellery		shop		jewelry
shop		delicatessen		shop		deli
shop		shopping center		shop		mall
shop		shopping_center		shop		mall
shop		animals			shop		pet
shop		motorbike		shop		motorcycle
shop		cell_phones		shop		mobile_phone
maxspeed	30mph			maxspeed	30 mph
maxspeed	20mph			maxspeed	20 mph
maxspeed	40mph			maxspeed	40 mph
maxspeed	50mph			maxspeed	50 mph
maxspeed	60mph			maxspeed	60 mph
amenity		hotel			tourism		hotel
amenity		motel			tourism		motel
amenity		market			amenity		marketplace
shop		garden			shop		garden_centre 
shop		clothing		shop		clothes
shop		flowers			shop		florist
shop		sex			shop		erotic
amenity		church			amenity		place_of_worship
amenity		Church			amenity		place_of_worship
amenity		church hall		amenity		church_hall
amenity		Mosque			amenity		place_of_worship


You can propose new rules, just by puting them here or sending me an email. If you think one of the ruels above is wrong, also contact me.

shop=souvenir is quite distinct from shop=gift. They might be a bit alike, but a local wouldn't go into a souvenir shop. Alv 22:04, 2 October 2010 (BST)
Mosque -> place_of_worship. Perhaps adding some religion tag to not loose information? Perhaps even building=mosque? --Gorm 00:08, 26 October 2010 (BST)