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Hi, I'm Michael Corey, a news applications developer at the Center for Investigative Reporting in Berkeley, California.

You can see some of my work at CIR and California Watch at[1], or my personal site,[2].

My OSM edits are, of course, on my OSM user profile.[3]

Favorite tools:

Quantum GIS




Leaflet JS


Current mapping interests:

The U.S.-Mexico border fence system

We're working on a larger project about the Mexico-U.S. border region as a shared space -- not just American and not just Mexican, but something in between.

One part of that project will include the first-ever comprehensive mapping of the entire U.S.-Mexico border fence system. There have been other fence maps, of course, but most are outdated or don't show data at a highly localized level.

We're also pursuing open records requests for data on the fence system, but we think the best way to obtain the most up-to-date and accurate information is by harnessing the power of the Open Street Map community. We'll also share whatever mapping data we get back into Open Street Map so it's freely available for anyone to access.

I'll be visiting the border region soon -- and likely not for the last time -- and would love to meet with potential collaborators or anyone with feedback or ideas on the project.