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I'm from Ljubljana, Slovenia, but are often seen in Belca (Slovenia), Bohinj (Slovenia) and Novigrad (Croatia). I use Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx with 1 GB memory card to hold my tracks on longer trips. I edit data in JOSM.

I like photography, traveling (still have to process tracks from Zakynthos, Madagascar, Sri Lanka) and outdoor sports. Mainly I carry my GPSR while running, MTB and hiking.

mihau OSM account.

Ongoing mapping activities

  • Ljubljana
    • mapping missing areas
      • BTC
      • Kodeljevo
      • Hrušica
      • Bizovik
      • Sostro
      • opportunistically on the way
    • fixing issues reported by validator plugin (
  • Novigrad
    • working on fully annotated city map of Novigrad, Istra, Croatia,