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Ljubljana, Slovenia

latitude: 46.0548, longitude: 14.5057
Browse map of Ljubljana 46°03′17.28″ N, 14°30′20.52″ E
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Ljubljana is a City in Slovenia at latitude 46°03′17.28″ North, longitude 14°30′20.52″ East.


Routing in Ljubljana with Slovenian Navit
3D Ljubljana in OpenScienceMap on Android

Aerial imagery

List of available aerial imagery for Ljubljana, sorted in order of preference (resolution, most up-to-date).

Aerial imagery for desktop mapping in Ljubljana
Imagery Scope Imagery date Resolution Distortions Comments OSM contact point Available in JOSM since Available in iD since
WMTS orthophoto Ljubljana 2022 10cm no True orthophoto, trees have leaves StefanB 16 March 2023 -
2021 ? StefanB never went online for unknown reason -
2020 10cm no Deciduous trees have no leaves StefanB March 2021 -
GURS orthophoto Slovenia ? 25cm Moderate projection distortions of high objects ? ? ?


  • Environmentally (and financially) friendly gathering of GPS tracks from various sources:
    • Trucking, bus and taxi companies (which have GPS logging besides LPP?)
    • Mobile operators (Mobitel and SiMobil get data from their mobile navigational service)
    • Borrow your GPS logger to someone driving for other reasons (eg to driving schools, giving them a hint of unmapped areas)
    • Dig out your existing, not too old logs
    • minor detours on your daily commute
    • cycling...
  • Look into legally obtaining reliable data (if any) from local authorities (amenities...)
  • Agree on local Sl:Map_Features


Martianfreeloader started homogenizing mapping of schools and kindergartens in 2021 using this scheme:

  • Map the outline of the whole property, including buildings, yards, sport pitches, playgrounds, etc.
  • All amenity tags go on this outline (amenity=*, name=*, website=*, email=*, phone=*, main address, etc.).
  • The building itself only gets a building=school or building=kindergarten tag. Perhaps a postal address.
  • The name=* tag gets the full spelt out name (e. g. Osnovna šola Vodmat)
  • An additional short_name=* tag can be used for common abbreviations (e. g. OŠ Vodmat).

Bus lines

As of November 2021, most bus lines still need to be updated to PTv2. Here is a description how to do that. Bus routes are found on the LPP website. Routes can be seen in Bus routes in Ljubljana page.