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Ljubljana, Slovenia

latitude: 46.0548, longitude: 14.5057
Browse map of Ljubljana 46°03′17.28″ N, 14°30′20.52″ E
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Ljubljana is a City in Slovenia at latitude 46°03′17.28″ North, longitude 14°30′20.52″ East.


Routing in Ljubljana with Slovenian Navit
3D Ljubljana in OpenScienceMap on Android


  • Environmentally (and financially) friendly gathering of GPS tracks from various sources:
    • Trucking, bus and taxi companies (which have GPS logging besides LPP?)
    • Mobile operators (Mobitel and SiMobil get data from their mobile navigational service)
    • Borrow your GPS logger to someone driving for other reasons (eg to driving schools, giving them a hint of unmapped areas)
    • Dig out your existing, not too old logs
    • minor detours on your daily commute
    • cycling...
  • Look into legally obtaining reliable data (if any) from local authorities (amenities...)
  • Agree on local Sl:Map_Features