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Mapping mostly in Ljubljana (Slovenia) as martianfreeloader.


Complain not, Earthlings. On my planet, this would be considered premium bicycle infrastructure.

Cyclist living on Mars. I’m notoriously broke.

As there is hardly any cycle infrastructure here, I prefer mapping on Earth. Most of Earth, our neighbouring planet, is covered by the liquid phase of water (a chemical substance that’s extremely lethal if inhaled but otherwise boring); however a third of its surface is covered by patches of solid silicate compounds. These areas are currently rapidly evolving due to the activity of the species human.

I also do some rock climbing, but since I'm still battling with the strength of gravity on Earth, I prefer doing it on my home planet.


Here are a few things that I work on more or less frequently.

Project Scope Sub-project Description Features (total) Features (completed) Progress Last updated Links / Tools
Notes Slovenia Resolve them. 4465 4450 100 % 2024-01-31 Latest notes, Percentage (Neis-One)
Quality control Ljubljana Routing issues OSM Inspector (Geofabrik)
Miscellaneous tagging issues OSM Inspector (Geofabrik)
Highway tagging issues OSM Inspector (Geofabrik)
Public transport issues OSM Inspector (Geofabrik)
Slovenia Fictional roads Remove roads from map which are not (yet) existing 287 2023-12-14 Proposed highways in Slovenia (Overpass turbo)
High-precision geometry Ljubljana Align roads, buildings, etc. to latest Ljubljana high-resolution imagery Ljubljana orthophoto (City of Ljubljana)
Bicycle infrastructure Ljubljana Cycle streets, cycle paths, cycle tracks, cycle lanes Put them on the map. Update them after construction work. 4459 80 % 2023-12-14 Cyclosm, Overpass turbo
Surface 4459 4397 98 % 2023-12-14 Cycleways without surface (Overpass turbo)
Smoothness 4459 1960 44 % 2023-12-14 Cycleways without smoothness (Overpass turbo)
Bicycle parkings 433 5 % 2023-12-29 Bicycle parking in Ljubljana (Overpass turbo)
Bus routes Ljubljana Update bus route relations to newest tagging scheme (currently PTv2) 47 40 85 % 2024-01-20 Bus routes in Ljubljana
Landuse Ljubljana Residential areas Split huge residential areas into individual blocks 1051 20 % 2023-12-29 Landuse in Ljubljana (Overpass turbo)
Education land Mostly adding landuse=education to kindergartens, schools, universities, etc. 49 2023-12-29
Industrial, retail, commercial Map and refine 156 2023-12-29
Railway land Map and refine 173 100 % 2023-12-29
Vegetation Ljubljana Trees Add trees to the map 31857 20 % 2023-12-14 Trees in Ljubljana (Overpass turbo)
Landcover Add grass, scrub, meadow, forest 16678 2023-12-14 Landcover in Ljubljana (Overpass turbo). Compute-intense; may crash your browser
Water area Ljubljana Ljubljanica Map water body as area/multipolygon. Align to high-res orthophoto. 100 % 2023-12-28 Ljubljana orthophoto (City of Ljubljana)
Glinščica 0 %
Gradaščica 100 %
Mali Graben 100 %

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