Ljubljana Mapping Party

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1st Mapping weekend in Ljubljana

Informacije za medije

Report (Poročilo)


It is estimated (from UK mapping experience) that it takes 2 hours (1h surveying + 1h editing) per 1000 inhabitants, so Ljubljana with 266000 inhabitants should be fully covered in roughly 500 man hours. Some of that has already been done. Having 2 full (10-12 hour work) days at disposal it means we need 20-25 participants to fully cover the city in one weekend. Even partial coverage is a success.


Weekend, September 8th-9th 2007:

  • Saturday 10:00am-17:00pm: recording street names & GPS traces with own or OSMF GPS units on terrain
  • Sunday 10:00am-late...: editing gathered data, and some additional recording of GPS traces.


Please add yourself to indicate interest. If you don't have a wiki account leave some other contact info (eg email). Also mention if you are missing some equipment.

  1. User:Stefanb
  2. User:Lure
  3. User:Lf
  4. User:Gagravarr
  5. User:Ollie
  6. ...
  7. (add yourself here)


  • Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia
  • Home Base in the city centre at Ljudmila on Rimska cesta 8
  • Dividing the city into regions, depending on number of participants
  • Office with
    • Computers running JOSM and free net/wifi (for editing),
    • A3 printer and/or copier (for printing existing maps with marked sectors to map)