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Hi - I started writing GPS software and collecting GPS data in 1991.

As I'm now retired I've decided to start improving the data around Hornsby NSW. Quite a few people have made a great start, but once I noticed my own street didn't even exist, I decided to improve things.

I've lived in the area for 25 years, I'm in the Rural Fire Service and I go bushwalking in the area so I've travelled on and recorded a lot of the roads and tracks in the district.

I'm currently working on filling in the details and re-aligning roads to the higher-res aerial photos around the excellent work already done in these area.

I am working on this area -

East of Quarter Sessions Rd Westleigh

North of Duffy Road, Pennant Hills Rd, Pacific Highway

East of Grosvenor St Wahroonga

South of Kuringai Chase Road

Also these areas



Mt Kuringai