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About Me

I live in Meland, north of Bergen. Have also lived in Grimstad, Mandal, Somonauk,IL,US , Kirkenes.

I'm mostly creating maps north of Bergen, and Mandal. The last one I can draw down-town by hart.

On long trips I use gpsdrive for track collection. In case of power loss, I have the GPS as backup. Since the GPS unit is an old one, these trackes have to be a low rez to fit on the unit. So you will se som low-res trackes from me.. :-)

Road Hiracy

The dilema of qualaty

Road qualaty an importance is not the same. A multilane highway may not be an inportant infrastructure road.

An example of this is 4 lane highways out of Bergen Norway regonal commuter roads, while the maine route between Bergen and Oslo is E16-7-555-13-E134-E18.

Norway-Rv7-important single lane road.jpg

Trafic jam with 18-wheelers is an intresting experience.

The qualaty of the road and the imprtance of the road is diffrence from place to place. So emphisizing to much on the road with for the class of the road is not a good idea.