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CanVec Import: To delete or not to delete, that is the question

I've run into a few people who are, in my opinion, paranoid about deleting existing objects. What if someone has modified the object to be more correct, or added turn restrictions, or other type tags.

Well the areas I'm "deleting objects" the only turn restrictions your going to get is a cow in the middle of the road or a land slide. The other thing is I don't, nor should others, blindly delete objects. Use the JOSM filters to see what's tagged. These people do have valid points about the objects, however, I've actually run into more than 10,000, un-joined roads, points that look like someone sneezed during the edit, road that don't match GPS Traces, road that just make no sense what's so ever. By deleting objects you see more of the mistakes, and bad data that aren't necessarily apparent by just looking at it.

With that said, I've been deleting most of the GeoBase roads following a few guidelines:

  • If I'm going to be modifying more than 25% of the objects, then replacing becomes more favourable. (on either side)
  • If I'm correcting more than a few mistakes on the GeoBase roads... replace them.
  • If the road has custom object (stop signs) leave it. (or replace depending on how many joins you need to make. If your making 40 joins it makes more sense to copy the 1 stop sign tag, than potential of messing up any of the 40 joins)