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My name is Michael Kanis, I am 23 and live in Munich-Bogenhausen.


In Munich I am focusing on mapping Bogenhausen, Johanneskirchen and perhaps Unterföhring. I also map a little bit in Gera/Thuringia.

As time is limited, I can't log & map regularly. However I do as much as I can. ;-)


I have a Garmin Geko 201 with bike mount, which I found to perfectly fit my needs for mapping and navigating on bike tours.


Atm I am developing a Java application to plan MTB tours beforehand, upload them to the Garmin as routes and visualize them afterwards, all using OSM data as the background. I plan to release it as FLOSS, howevver it's not ready for release yet.

Here I loaded a tracklog. Every track is rendered in another color. Tracklog.png