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Living in Traralgon [1], Gippsland, Latrobe Valley, South Eastern Victoria and been an active member of the Australian OpenStreetMap community since mid September 2007.


I'm using a Garmin GPSMap60CSx with an external antenna set to save track points at 1 second intervals to the mircoSD card. My wife also has a Garmin Legend which sometimes comes along displaying Stevez OSM maps [2] which helps to see which roads have already been added in any given area. I'm using JOSM (updated nearly daily) and several of the main plugins to do my editing.


I started by adding the Princes Highway (and Freeway) from Berwick to the NSW border. Next I mapped 80% of Traralgon followed by maybe 90% of Morwell. I've also added the Strezleki Highway from Morwell to Philip Island, the South Gippsland Highway from Sale to Leongatha. I've added all the C class roads (that I'm aware of) in the surrounding area. Recently I've been adding some of the roads in the Strezleki Ranges to the south. Also added a lot of the minor roads surrounding Morwell, Traralgon. When I run out of traces I have been using LanSat imagery to trace Rivers/Lakes and Coastline. Have added the coastline from Stony Point in the Western Port Bay to the Ninety Mile Beach and French Is plus several Islands in the Port Welshpool area. Added the Gippsland Lakes system(incomplete), Lake Glenmaggie, Lake Thomson, Blue Rock Lake, Hazelwood Pondage, Lake Narracan, Moondarra Reservoir, and sections of the Latrobe, Tanjil and Tyers Rivers. Currently focusing on adding the majority of the residential roads in neighboring Churchill (completed early Dec 07).

9th December 2007

I've been holding off driving more roads in the Strezleki Ranges until after xmas when I get my replacement digital camera (the old one died)... its just too damn pretty to be down there and not be able to take any photo's. I'll probably try and fill in more roads in Traralgon and Morwell until then but all that are left are the courts and its pretty slow going driving in and out of them all (last count Traralgon has 90 odd unmapped courts remaining).

26th December 2007

Recently had occasion to travel to NE suburbs of Melbourne from Gippsland so I set myself some routes through the Dandenong Ranges to fill in some detail there. I've added Silvan Reservoir and finished the C424 from Launching Place down towards Pakenham, added the C411, C412. Filled in the missing sections of the C404 (still incomplete) & C415 as well as adding numerous smaller roads. Lots of work still required in the Dandenongs but the major roads are definitely taking shape. Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year.

Future Plans

I'm in need of more track logs to continue the greater Gippsland and Eastern Victoria area's. There doesn't appear to be any other OSM people within >100 km's of me at the moment although the occasional trace does appear to the East of me and very occasionally people from outside the area drop in and do some work. I suspect my editing will slow down as the distances to unmapped roads grows greater. Over the summer month's the wife and I will do regular walks in the surrounding forests and I'll collect more forestry tracks in the process. Planning on driving the South Gippsland Highway from Leongatha to where it connects the Bass Highway in the near future. Will do a few more trips in and around south of the Strezleki Ranges near here. Over summer I might get a chance to drive around the Heyfield / Maffra area's as well. I was also thinking of writing the local 4x4 clubs and asking them to collect and send me gps track data from their trips into the mountains but I haven't got motivated on this idea yet.

Public domain
All my contributions to OpenStreetMap are released into the public domain. This applies worldwide.
In case this is not legally possible, I grant anyone the right to use my contributions for any purpose, without any conditions, unless such conditions are required by law.